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UK-born children of EU nationals in the UK: historical, national and local perspectives

Professor Nando Sigona

05 Jun 2019

Parallels and differences between ending Commonwealth and EU citizen free movement rights


05 Jun 2019

Brexit, British people of colour in the EU-27 and everyday racism in Britain and Europe

Professor Michaela Benson

10 Apr 2019

Brexit votes explained


11 Mar 2019

Contingency planning: the 1975 and 2016 referendums


05 Mar 2019

A national recovery programme for languages


04 Mar 2019

The future of our shared island: a paper on the logistical and legal questions surrounding referendums on Irish unity

Professor Colin Harvey

20 Feb 2019

Resolving the Brexit impasse


14 Feb 2019

Voting with their money: Brexit and outward investment by UK firms


11 Feb 2019

The repatriation of competences in agriculture after Brexit

Professor Michael Keating

01 Feb 2019

The repatriation of competences in climate and energy policy after Brexit: implications for devolution and multi-level government


28 Jan 2019

Renegotiation of trade agreements and firm exporting decisions: evidence from the impact of Brexit on UK exports

Dr Meredith Crowley

20 Dec 2018

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