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13 Feb 2020

Devolution and the Union

Brexit and the Union

What challenges does leaving the European Union pose for the Unions of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?

On 3 February the Centre on Constitutional Change launched their latest report, Brexit and the Union where their fellows discuss some of the issues Brexit presents for the UK’s territorial and constitutional future.

This report looks at:

  • Brexit and Ireland/Northern Ireland’s Constitutional Future
  • The Internal Market
  • Post-Brexit Regional Funds and Fisheries Arrangements
  • Brexit: Exposing the Limits of Devolved Authority
  • England’s Territorial Politics After Brexit
  • Wales: Where Next?
  • Brexit, Scotland and Europe

The report was written by: Mary C Murphy, Michael Keating, David Bell, Nicola McEwen, Michael Kenny, Jac Larner, Dan Wincott and Kirsty Hughes,



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