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10 Nov 2020

Politics and Society

Has Brexit gone off the boil? Or are the embers of Brexit still glowing?

In this report, Sir John Curtice assesses the accuracy of this portrayal of public attitudes towards Brexit as the transition period comes to an end, considering:

  • whether there is any evidence that those who voted Remain in 2016 have begun to change their minds  and have now come to accept the idea that the UK should be outside the EU.
  • whether there are signs that the passion and emotion that were widely in evidence on both sides during the Brexit debate have begun to dissipate.
  • whether or not the disagreements between the two groups of voters over what Brexit will and should bring have begun to fade.
  • the link between people’s views about Brexit and their party preference and the implications of our findings for the party political battle.

Read the full report here.



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