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18 Oct 2017

How much are people willing to pay for the Brexit divorce bill?

In legal terms, there are competing interpretations as to whether the UK must pay any kind of settlement when it leaves the European Union. The EU claims that the UK must honour the commitments made to various projects whilst still a member. This settlement figure has become known as the ‘exit bill’ or the ‘divorce bill’ and is a central issue in the Brexit negotiation talks. The EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, has stated that we must first agree on how to calculate the final settlement amount before progress can be made in the negotiations, and that talks over the bill have reached a “deadlock”.

In this short report we will address the following questions. How much are people willing to pay on the divorce bill? How do these reported reasonable amounts vary by socio-demographic factors? And, how do these amounts vary by different attitudinal positions and identities?

By Lindsay Richards and Noah Carl from Nuffield College, University of Oxford.



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