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18 Apr 2018

Next steps: implementing a Brexit deal for UK citizens living in the EU 27

This report looks at the important issue of citizen’s rights – those of both UK citizen’s living in the EU27 and the EU nationals living in the UK. According to this report, little has been said about the planning issues concerning how Brexit will impact these citizen’s rights.

A preliminary agreement before December 2017 made huge progress in securing citizen’s rights, including the rights of current citizens, regardless of arrival date; to stay, continued access to pensions and healthcare and extended rights to family unification. But, as this report states, member states are yet to introducess processes to adjust British residents’ statuses from that of mobile EU citizens to a new, to- be- decided status.

Those surveyed in this report provide an insightful and interesting perspective on the conflicting advice they have received from local bureaucrats and the information provided in the media on their citizen status.

This report was written by our Brexit research leader Dr Michaela Benson, Karen O Reilly, Helen McCarthy, Katherine Collins, Meghan Benton and Aliyyah Ahad.



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