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20 Jun 2018

Scottish independence and Brexit chapter from the British social attitudes survey

This chapter looks at the currents of public opinion that underlie the division in the debate about Scotland’s constitutional status. Prior to the EU referendum in 2016, the level of support for independence was much the same among those who were sceptical about the EU as it was among those who wanted Britain to maintain its existing relationship. Now, however, Eurosceptics are less likely than Europhiles to support Scottish independence.

Professor John Curtice examines what impact, if any, the EU referendum has had on public attitudes towards how Scotland should be governed. Is there any evidence that the referendum has changed the level of support for independence? what role, if any, did debates about independence and about Brexit play in how people in Scotland voted in the general election? and lastly, what impact, if any, has the EU referendum and the further calls for a Scottish independence referendum that followed had on public opinion in England?



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