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19 Dec 2019

Devolution and the Union

The Border into Brexit: perspectives from local communities in the central border region of Ireland/Northern Ireland

These are the findings of a project on the impacts of Brexit and the possible implications of a ‘No Deal’ scenario on the Central Border Region of Ireland/Northern Ireland. This research has been conducted by a small team at Queen’s University Belfast (led by Dr. Katy Hayward & Dr. Milena Komarova), in conjunction with the Irish Central Border Area Network (ICBAN), the cross-border partnership of eight local authorities in the area known as the Central Border Region.

The report looks at:

  • ‘The Border into Brexit’ project
  • The impact of Brexit on those living in the Central Border Region
  • A hard border
  • Leave supporters in the region
  • A No Deal Brexit
  • The revised Protocol in the Withdrawal Agreement


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