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27 Apr 2018

The EU is at clear risk of collapse – and the ‘remainiacs’ just don’t see it

This report explains and deploys a general theory of the collapse of complex societies to establish whether the EU is facing the risk of collapse. Using detailed evidence of the EU’s own nature and history as well as the primary direction of European politics since 2000, it shows that the EU is already well within the zone of risk of collapse. It argues that faced with a structurally weak EU, Great Britain ought to act much more firmly right now and as it leaves it next year.

The report, by Professor Gwythian Prins, Emeritus Research Professor at the LSE also looks at why Remainers misunderstand the nature of the EU to which they seek to keep Britain shackled. The report explains and deploys insights from cultural anthropology to explain the structure of their beliefs. It suggests that this tiny but influential group has cult-like characteristics which make it see the world as a culture war. The majority who voted to leave should take note and deal with the Remainers accordingly.

The report was originally published on Briefings for Brexit.




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