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14 Jan 2021

Politics and Society

Thinking about post-Brexit public policy: Voters’ perspective on immigration and regulation

Now that the UK has left the EU single market and customs union, it has acquired responsibility for a range of policy areas that previously have lain wholly or in part with the EU.

According to those who voted Leave, one of the key motivations for doing so was to ensure that all the laws that pertained in Britain were made in Britain. The implication was that leaving would help ensure that post-Brexit public policy was better aligned with the wishes of the British public.

In this report, Professor Sir John Curtice, Dr Ceri Davies, Professor Rob Ford, Professor James Fishkin and Alice Sui look at data collected during three three deliberative polls on the subject of Britain’s post-Brexit public policy to present some initial findings on where the deliberation appears to have made a difference to people’s views and try to provide some insight into why.



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