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14 Nov 2022

UK Regulation after Brexit Revisited

Regulation affects the daily life of citizens and businesses, but its importance is often overlooked in the post-Brexit context where attention has been directed mainly at the politics of Brexit and the tense relations between the UK and the EU.

This report looks at how UK regulation has developed since EU rules ceased to apply to the UK, with the partial and highly significant exception of Northern Ireland, and the impact of both continuity and change in key areas of social and economic activity.

‘UK regulation after Brexit revisited’ follows and updates an earlier report published in February 2021, which presented a first cut on the preparedness of the UK for the transfer of regulatory responsibility from the EU. Now, nearly two years after the UK assumed regulatory authority following the end of the transition period, it is timely to revisit the state of UK regulation post-Brexit. The chapters contained in the report are either new or have been completely re-written.

It is collaborative undertaking by ‘Negotiating the Future’, the Centre for Competition Policy at the University of East Anglia, and Brexit & Environment. It once again brings together leading specialists in their respective fields.



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