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25 Aug 2023

Daniel Chandler on rehabilitating liberalism and the political implications of economic inequality

Daniel Chandler joined this week’s episode of the UKICE (I Tell) podcast to talk to Professor Anand Menon about his new book, Free and Equal: What Would a Fair Society Look Like?, what his top two policy recommendations for Keir Starmer would be and whether COVID has made radical change more achievable.

The episode was produced by Luis Giuomar.

Daniel Chandler is an economist and philosopher based at LSE.

His first book, Free and Equal: What Would a Fair Society Look Like?, makes the case for a new progressive liberalism grounded in the ideas of the philosopher John Rawls, and was published by Penguin/Allen Lane in Spring 2023.

Daniel has degrees in economics, philosophy and history from Cambridge and the LSE, and was awarded a Henry Fellowship at Harvard where he studied under Amartya Sen. He has worked in the British Government as a policy advisor in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit and Deputy Prime Minister’s Office, and as a researcher at think tanks including the Resolution Foundation and Institute for Fiscal Studies.

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