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24 Nov 2023


The Expert Factor: Is our education system getting good results?

Education. Education. Education. General election slogans often zero in on education, and now Rishi Sunak has made building a “world class education system” as one of his top priorities. But just how well are English schools performing? Has enough to been done to make up for learning lost during the pandemic? Do Labour and the Conservatives disagree on education policy? And what can be done to fix our crumbling schools and recruit more teachers?

In this episode, the Expert Factor take a deep dive into the state of our schools and explore the dividing lines in education policy and explore the state of our education system.

A general election is looming. Manifestos are being drafted. The battle of ideas is intensifying. From tackling climate change to turning around the economy, rethinking Britain’s place in the world to restoring trust in politics, the UK is facing huge challenges. So how can we make sense of it all?

Produced by Milo Hynes.

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