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Rakib Ehsan on identity politics and social conservatism among ethnic minority communities in the UK

18 Aug 2023

UKICE (I Tell) – By-elections special

28 Jul 2023

Ben Judah on ‘This is Europe: The Way We Live Now’ and European identity

21 Jul 2023

The Rt Hon Ian Blackford on Scottish independence and the future of the SNP

20 Jul 2023

British identity, Brexit and polarisation with Sunder Katwala

29 Jun 2023

Tracy Brabin on levelling up, devolution and Labour’s chances at the next general election

02 Jun 2023

The five political traps and tackling the housing crisis with Professor Ben Ansell

26 May 2023

Women in public life, inequality and Australian influence in British politics with Julia Gillard

12 May 2023

‘The Big Con’ and the value of consultancies with Rosie Collington

28 Apr 2023

Humanitarian support and the Illegal Migration Bill with Laura Kyrke-Smith and Abdul Amin

31 Mar 2023

Scottish independence and the UK’s territorial constitution with Aileen McHarg

24 Feb 2023

Democracy, Brexit and the war in Ukraine with Anne Applebaum

10 Feb 2023

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