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The state of the UK economy 2024


31 Jan 2024

This UK in a Changing Europe report takes stock of the UK economy in order to assess how it can break from the current economic and political 'doom loop'.

UK-EU Divergence Tracker Q4 2023

Joël Reland

25 Jan 2024

This edition of UK in a Changing Europe’s UK-EU Regulatory Divergence Tracker, covers developments from October 2023 to January 2024.

UK-EU Relations Tracker Q4 2023

Dr Cleo Davies and Jannike Wachowiak

23 Jan 2024

UK Trade Tracker Q4 2023

Stephen Hunsaker

10 Jan 2024

The Q4 2023 trade tracker looks at how UK trade measures compare to 2019, the proportion of total UK trade with the EU, the UK’s trade balance and trade openness compared to the G7, and the proposal for an independent UK Board of Trade.

The state of public opinion: 2023


05 Dec 2023

This report brings together 46 of the UK’s top public opinion experts to analyse both short and long-term trends that have shaped public attitudes and voting behaviour.

UK-EU Relations Tracker Q3

Dr Cleo Davies and Jannike Wachowiak

31 Oct 2023

This quarter's UK-EU Relations Tracker gives an overview of the state of relations between the UK and the EU between July and September 2023.

UK-EU Regulatory Divergence Tracker Q3 2023

Joël Reland

19 Oct 2023

Exploring ‘Bregret’: public attitudes to Brexit, seven years on


09 Oct 2023

This report looks at what Leave voters think about Brexit, how it's gone, whether they have changed their minds and what they think the future holds.

UK trade tracker Q3 2023

Stephen Hunsaker

28 Sep 2023

This quarter's edition of the trade tracker looks at how UK trade compares to 2019, UK-EU trade, the UK's trade balance and openness, and the prospect of a UK-India trade agreement.

Reviewing the Trade and Cooperation Agreement: potential paths

Jannike Wachowiak and Joël Reland

19 Sep 2023

This report proposes three models which the review of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement could follow when it comes around. 

The investment gap: the UK’s efforts to replace the European Investment Bank

Peter Jurkovic and Stephen Hunsaker

14 Sep 2023

This report explores the implications of the UK losing access to funding from the European Investment Bank.

Policy landscape 2023


05 Sep 2023

Full Fact and UK in a Changing Europe have partnered to produce a series of evidence led, research-based assessments of the key issues that politicians will confront.

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