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The British monarchy


25 Apr 2023

This report explains the role of the modern British monarchy and its place in the UK’s constitutional system.

The Northern Ireland Protocol Bill: context and consequences


11 Oct 2022

This new report from UK in a Changing Europe explains the context and the consequences of the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill.

Constitution and Governance in the UK


29 Mar 2022

Constitution and Governance in the UK offers analyses of the impacts of Brexit, Covid-19 & the Johnson government on these complex subjects.

Brexit and Beyond: government, law and external relations


08 Mar 2021

What would no deal mean?


22 Sep 2020

What would a no deal mean, is the latest report from the UK in a Changing Europe looking at the impact a no trade deal would create.

Revisited: What would ‘trading on WTO terms’ mean?


26 May 2020

Parliament and Brexit report


23 Mar 2020

Article 50 two years on


29 Mar 2019

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