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The state of public opinion: 2023


05 Dec 2023

This report brings together 46 of the UK’s top public opinion experts to analyse both short and long-term trends that have shaped public attitudes and voting behaviour.

Exploring ‘Bregret’: public attitudes to Brexit, seven years on


09 Oct 2023

This report looks at what Leave voters think about Brexit, how it's gone, whether they have changed their minds and what they think the future holds.

Exploring ‘Bregret’: Initial polling results

22 Jun 2023

Where next? The future of the UK-EU relationship


24 Jan 2023

This UKICE report examines the contours of the UK-EU relationship, assessing both where we have got to and how the relationship might evolve.

Levelling up: what England thinks


19 Oct 2022

Levelling up: what England thinks is the first major survey of its kind examining public perceptions of levelling up and regional inequality.

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