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The state of public opinion: 2023


05 Dec 2023

This report brings together 46 of the UK’s top public opinion experts to analyse both short and long-term trends that have shaped public attitudes and voting behaviour.

Exploring ‘Bregret’: public attitudes to Brexit, seven years on


09 Oct 2023

This report looks at what Leave voters think about Brexit, how it's gone, whether they have changed their minds and what they think the future holds.

Exploring ‘Bregret’: Initial polling results

22 Jun 2023

The Conservative leadership contest: a guide to the policy landscape


28 Jul 2022

Full Fact & UK in a Changing Europe have produced a series of evidence led, research-based assessments of key issues in the Conservative leadership contest.

British politics after Brexit


22 Feb 2022

'British politics after Brexit' draws on the expertise of over 40 academic experts to unpack this complex and complicated subject.

Understanding the Red Wall: Politics and identity in the new electoral battlegrounds

Dr Alan Wager and Professor Paula Surridge

08 Feb 2022

'Understanding the Red Wall' explores focus group findings to better understand the issues and priorities of voters in the 'red wall' seats.

What do MPs think? expectations, issues and identities

Dr Alan Wager and Professor Paula Surridge

02 Dec 2021

Covid or Brexit?


14 Oct 2021

Academic report on whether the current problems in the UK economy are down solely to post pandemic disruption or the result of Brexit.

Comfortable leavers: the expectations and hopes of the overlooked Brexit voters


19 Apr 2021

UK in a Changing Europe's report uses data to explain what comfortable leavers thought about Brexit and hoped for the future of the country.

Brexit and Beyond: public opinion


22 Feb 2021

Brexit and Beyond: politics


08 Feb 2021

Brexit and beyond


19 Jan 2021

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