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UK-EU regulatory divergence tracker: second edition


20 Dec 2021

Our regulatory divergence tracker provides an overview of how the UK has used its newfound regulatory freedoms to diverge from EU standards.

The impact of Brexit on UK services

Martin Heneghan and Professor Sarah Hall

08 Dec 2021

Sarah Hall and Martin Heneghan explore the consequences of Brexit, and particularly of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, for service providers.

What do MPs think? expectations, issues and identities

Dr Alan Wager and Professor Paula Surridge

02 Dec 2021

UK-EU regulatory divergence tracker


18 Oct 2021

The UK in a Changing Europe’s regulatory divergence tracker provides an overview of where and how the UK has used its newfound regulatory freedoms to diverge from EU standards

Covid or Brexit?


14 Oct 2021

Academic report on whether the current problems in the UK economy are down solely to post pandemic disruption or the result of Brexit.

Global Britain: views from abroad


21 Sep 2021

UK in a Changing Europe and the School of Security Studies at KCL consider perceptions of Global Britain from states across the world.

EU-UK 2030


24 Jun 2021

This UKICE report looks at how the EU approached the Brexit process, what their priorities were and how they viewed the UK.

The EU Settlement Scheme

Fiona Costello and Professor Catherine Barnard

16 Jun 2021

Catherine Barnard and Fiona Costello explain the EU Settlement scheme, its background, how it works and the lessons we have learned so far.

Comfortable leavers: the expectations and hopes of the overlooked Brexit voters


19 Apr 2021

UK in a Changing Europe's report uses data to explain what comfortable leavers thought about Brexit and hoped for the future of the country.

Whitehall in Brussels: the UK permanent representation to the EU

Matt Bevington

18 Mar 2021

Brexit and Beyond: government, law and external relations


08 Mar 2021


Professor Catherine Barnard

02 Mar 2021

Deputy Director Professor Catherine Barnard looks at the rational and evidence behind freeports ahead of the Chancellor's 2021 budget.

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