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05 Sep 2023



UK-EU Relations

Policy landscape 2023

What are the public policy challenges confronting the UK? What plans do the parties have for addressing them? To what extent are these plans fit for purpose?

As Parliament returns from its summer recess, Full Fact and UK in a Changing Europe have partnered to produce a series of evidence led, research-based assessments of the key issues that politicians will confront.

To do this, we brought together a group of leading experts from respected institutions including the Health Foundation, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, and the Royal United Services Institute. We asked each of them to consider, based on the findings of their own research, the challenges the country faces in their area of expertise, the immediate and longer-term issues politicians will need to address, and the potential implications of any choices they might make.

We selected the issues based on the Ipsos issues index, and added security, defence and foreign affairs, which did not figure amongst the public’s priorities in July of this year.

The intention of the collection is to inform and not persuade. Each article in this collection is the responsibility of its author.


Fiscal and monetary policy, tax and spend – Ben Zaranko

Growth – Jonathan Portes

Living standards – Mike Brewer

Housing – Paul Cheshire

Education/schools – Carole Willis

Climate and net zero – Charlotte Burns and Neil Carter

Health – Anita Charlesworth

Immigration – Madeleine Sumption and Peter William Walsh

Security, defence and foreign affairs – Malcolm Chalmers

Trust in politics – Alan Wager

The Union – Nicola McEwen

Relations with the EU – Anand Menon



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