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24 Jan 2023



Public Opinion

UK-EU Relations

Where next? The future of the UK-EU relationship

Six and a half years since the Brexit referendum, UK relations with the EU have still not settled into a coherent and consistent pattern. Partly, this is because the process of leaving itself took so long. Partly, too, because there is much still to resolve, not least whether the treaties signed will be fully applied. This report examines the contours of that relationship. It assesses both where we have got to and how the relationship might evolve.

The reports sets out the state of play on trade, migration, public opinion, as well as the various party positions on the relationship.

It also highlights the deadlines and decisions on the horizon in a number of areas, such as financial services, electric vehicles and fisheries.

Finally, it examines the ways in which the TCA could be deepened, and steps that might be taken beyond the TCA – both unilaterally and through increased cooperation with the EU – concluding that changes to the relationship are likely to be slow and incremental.



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