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Constitution and Governance in the UK

29 Mar 2022

Constitution and Governance in the UK offers analyses of the impacts of Brexit, Covid-19 & the Johnson government on these complex subjects.

British politics after Brexit

22 Feb 2022

'British politics after Brexit' draws on the expertise of over 40 academic experts to unpack this complex and complicated subject.

Understanding the Red Wall: Politics and identity in the new electoral battlegrounds

08 Feb 2022

'Understanding the Red Wall' explores focus group findings to better understand the issues and priorities of voters in the 'red wall' seats.

An EU border across Britain: Scotland’s borders after independence

03 Feb 2022

Katy Hayward and Nicola McEwen consider the prospect of an independent Scotland within the EU, not as a prediction, but to illustrate how Brexit has changed the context in which independence is contested and could be realised.

Doing things differently? Policy after Brexit

31 Jan 2022

This report features expert analyses of changes to policymaking and policy after Brexit across various sectors.

Manufacturing after Brexit

26 Jan 2022

David Bailey and Ivan Rajic's new report shares research on an updated view of where UK manufacturing stands after Brexit.

UK-EU regulatory divergence tracker: second edition

20 Dec 2021

Our regulatory divergence tracker provides an overview of how the UK has used its newfound regulatory freedoms to diverge from EU standards.

The impact of Brexit on UK services

08 Dec 2021

Sarah Hall and Martin Heneghan explore the consequences of Brexit, and particularly of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, for service providers.

UK-EU regulatory divergence tracker

18 Oct 2021

The UK in a Changing Europe’s regulatory divergence tracker provides an overview of where and how the UK has used its newfound regulatory freedoms to diverge from EU standards

Covid or Brexit?

14 Oct 2021

Academic report on whether the current problems in the UK economy are down solely to post pandemic disruption or the result of Brexit.

Global Britain: views from abroad

21 Sep 2021

UK in a Changing Europe and the School of Security Studies at KCL consider perceptions of Global Britain from states across the world.