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Reviewing the Trade and Cooperation Agreement: potential paths

19 Sep 2023

This report proposes three models which the review of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement could follow when it comes around. 

UK-EU relations tracker: first edition

28 Mar 2023

The first UKICE UK-EU relations tracker gives an overview of the state of relations between the UK and the EU between January and March 2023.

Where next? The future of the UK-EU relationship

24 Jan 2023

This UKICE report examines the contours of the UK-EU relationship, assessing both where we have got to and how the relationship might evolve.

A beginner’s guide to the European Union

02 Nov 2022

UKICE is launching a new series of ‘beginner’s guides’, starting with a handy and comprehensive guide to the European Union.

The state of the European Union

23 Jun 2022

In 'The State of the European Union', some of the most respected scholars working on the EU provide their analysis of its current state.

EU-UK 2030

24 Jun 2021

This UKICE report looks at how the EU approached the Brexit process, what their priorities were and how they viewed the UK.