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UK trade tracker Q3 2023

28 Sep 2023

This quarter's edition of the trade tracker looks at how UK trade compares to 2019, UK-EU trade, the UK's trade balance and openness, and the prospect of a UK-India trade agreement.

The investment gap: the UK’s efforts to replace the European Investment Bank

14 Sep 2023

This report explores the implications of the UK losing access to funding from the European Investment Bank.

Policy landscape 2023

05 Sep 2023

Full Fact and UK in a Changing Europe have partnered to produce a series of evidence led, research-based assessments of the key issues that politicians will confront.

Immigration after Brexit: where are we going?

09 Mar 2023

This report explores what has happened to immigration, immigration policy and public attitudes towards immigration since the Brexit vote.

Where next? The future of the UK-EU relationship

24 Jan 2023

This UKICE report examines the contours of the UK-EU relationship, assessing both where we have got to and how the relationship might evolve.

Levelling up: what England thinks

19 Oct 2022

Levelling up: what England thinks is the first major survey of its kind examining public perceptions of levelling up and regional inequality.

Manufacturing after Brexit

26 Jan 2022

David Bailey and Ivan Rajic's new report shares research on an updated view of where UK manufacturing stands after Brexit.

The impact of Brexit on UK services

08 Dec 2021

Sarah Hall and Martin Heneghan explore the consequences of Brexit, and particularly of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, for service providers.

Brexit and Beyond: economy

01 Mar 2021

What would no deal mean?

22 Sep 2020

What would a no deal mean, is the latest report from the UK in a Changing Europe looking at the impact a no trade deal would create.