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The EU Settlement Scheme

16 Jun 2021

Catherine Barnard and Fiona Costello explain the EU Settlement scheme, its background, how it works and the lessons we have learned so far.

Comfortable leavers: the expectations and hopes of the overlooked Brexit voters

19 Apr 2021

UK in a Changing Europe's report uses data to explain what comfortable leavers thought about Brexit and hoped for the future of the country.


02 Mar 2021

Deputy Director Professor Catherine Barnard looks at the rational and evidence behind freeports ahead of the Chancellor's 2021 budget.

Brexit and Beyond: economy

01 Mar 2021

Brexit and Beyond: policy

15 Feb 2021

Brexit and Beyond: the union

01 Feb 2021

What would no deal mean?

22 Sep 2020

What would a no deal mean, is the latest report from the UK in a Changing Europe looking at the impact a no trade deal would create.