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Our Brexit Witness Archive brings together the experiences of the key players in the Brexit process: the campaigners, politicians, civil servants and officials who were involved speak in detail on the record about their experience.

The aim of the archive is to provide a record of recent developments from the perspective of those who helped shape them. It was instituted in 2020, and continues to grow. It represents a comprehensive resource for researchers, academics, students, journalists, as well anyone with an interest in that tumultuous period of Britain’s history. You can access all the transcripts here.

If you wish to cite the archive, please use the following format:

[Name of Interviewee], [Date of Transcript], Brexit Witness Archive, UK in a Changing Europe, Online: [Web Address of Transcript].
Example John Bercow, 21 July 2020, Brexit Witness Archive, UK in a Changing Europe, Online:

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