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What is the Common Agricultural Policy?

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was designed to provide income support for farmers in the EU. Read this fact to find out more.
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When did Britain decide to join the European Union?

The UK first applied to join the EU in 1961. This application was vetoed by the French government in 1963 and a second application was vetoed, again by the French, in 1967.
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Why did the United Kingdom not join the European Union when it started?

This fact explains why the United Kingdom did not join the European Union when it started during the 1950s.
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Was there a referendum in the UK to join the EU in 1973?

No, but the UK did hold a referendum on whether to remain a member of the European Community in 1975. Read this fact for more.
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What did EU membership mean for the UK?

The UK joined the EU in 1973 and left in 2020. As a member state, the UK was bound by the EU treaties which set out the privileges and obligations of membership.
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