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This fact was correct when it was created on 23 Jun 2021

What is Horizon Europe?

Horizon Europe is the EU’s funding programme for research and innovation projects for the years 2021 to 2027. The programme has a budget of €95.5 billion.  

The programme is the successor to Horizon 2020 and the previous Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development.  

The UK is a Horizon Europe participant having retained access to it as part of its trade deal with the EU.

However, as a third country it will no longer be able to take out more than it puts in – as it did from Horizon Europe’s predecessor programme.

Its participation fee is also no longer funded from the EU budget and there were fears these costs would come from existing science budgets.  

In early June 2021, it emerged that the UK Government might threaten to leave Horizon Europe due to claims the EU was taking too long to formalise UK participation. 

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