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What is the G7?

G7 stands for ‘Group of 7’ and is an informal association of seven of the world’s most powerful industrialised nations: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the USA. The EU also attends meetings but is not a full member.

The members identify as being bound by a shared set of values including human rights, democracy, rule of law, free markets and sustainable development. 

The group first met in 1975 (with Canada joining in 1976) to discuss how to respond to the oil crisis. Since then, they have met once a year, with discussions growing to cover a wider range of themes.

The 2021 G7 had separate Ministerial Groups for Trade, Interior, Health, Foreign, Climate, Digital and Finance Ministers, as well as the centrepiece leaders’ summit. 

Following each Ministerial meeting and the leaders’ summit, the G7 members issue a joint communiqué which sets out the measures and actions they have jointly agreed upon. 

You can read our explainer on the 2021 G7 Summit here. 

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