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What is the Partnership Council?

The Trade Cooperation Agreement (TCA) established the Partnership Council – chaired by both the UK and EU – to oversee implementation, application and interpretation of the TCA. 

UK Cabinet Minister for EU Relations and former UK Chief Brexit Negotiator David Frost chairs for the UK while European Commission Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič chairs for the EU.  

Its counterpart in the Withdrawal Agreement is the Joint Committee. 

The Partnership Council also seeks to resolve any issues that may arise during implementation of the TCA. 

Disputes will be referred to an arbitration panel if no resolution can be reached within 30 days.  

Eight Specialised Committees support the Partnership Council in its work. A Trade Partnership Committee formed of a further ten Trade Specialised Committees provide further support. 

The Partnership Council can also delegate some of its powers to the Trade Partnership Committee or Specialised Committees.  

In the first years of the TCA, the Partnership Council can amend certain parts of the TCA “provided that such amendments are necessary to correct errors, or to address omissions or other deficiencies”.  

The Partnership Council can take binding decisions regarding implementation of the TCA that must be agreed to by both the UK and EU.  

The first meeting of the Partnership Council was in June 2021.  

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