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What is the Turing scheme? 

Named after the mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing, the Turing Scheme is the UK Government’s new scheme to provide opportunities in education and placements in different locations across the world.  

The Turing Scheme was announced in December 2020 following the UK Government’s decision to leave the EU’s Erasmus Programme. The Government has committed £110 million for 2021/22 to send 35,000 British students overseas.  

Northern Irish students can continue to participate in both the Turing Scheme and the Erasmus Programme thanks to the support of the Irish government. Students in Great Britain are eligible for the Turing Scheme only.   

Many EU students came to the UK under the Erasmus scheme, and then-EU Chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier expressed “regret” at the UK’s decision to discontinue its participation.

They will only be eligible to come to the UK under the Turing scheme if their university partners with a UK counterpart.  

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