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This fact was correct when it was updated on 22 Sep 2020

Who were the key Leave and Remain groups?

Under the rules that governed the running of the referendum, there was a designated lead group for each side in the campaign, decided upon by the Electoral Commission. The Vote Leave group held this position for the Leave camp, while Britain Stronger in Europe was the main Remain body. Both these groups were set up for the particular purpose of the referendum and each was made up of individuals from a wide variety of political, business and other backgrounds. These groups were given access to TV broadcasts (much like election broadcasts in general elections), leaflets to every household and had higher spending limits for their general campaigning, whether online marketing, public events or staff costs. There were also many other groups, such as Leave.EU, that were formed to fight the referendum. However, these had much tighter limits on their spending and did not have the same access to broadcast media.

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