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This fact was correct when it was updated on 23 Jun 2021

Who is the UK negotiating new trade agreements with?

The UK has concluded ‘rollover’ agreements with 36 countries or economic groups – covering 66 countries or territories – which replicate the terms of trade covered by EU agreements. Discussions are ongoing with Algeria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Montenegro.  

In additional to rollover deals, the UK signed a new trade agreement with Japan (though it was largely based on the previous EU-Japan agreement) in October 2020, and with the EU in December 2020.  

The UK has yet to finalise any other new trade deals, but in June 2021 it announced agreement in principle to a new deal with Australia, which does not have an FTA with the EU at the moment.

The UK has started negotiations with the US and New Zealand and applied to join the 11-country Trans-Pacific Partnership. The government is also keen to negotiate a new trade relationship with India.  

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