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The Single Electricity Market in Ireland and Northern Ireland

One of the lesser discussed aspects of the Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland is the provisions it makes, and the effects…

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Northern Ireland Assembly Election – #NIA22

Who is being elected in the Northern Ireland Assembly Election? On Thursday 5 May voters in Northern Ireland will go to the…

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The Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland

Why is there a Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland? Brexit meant that the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland became an external border…

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Brexit and Beyond with Katy Hayward

11 May 2022

Political attitudes in Northern Ireland: Katy Hayward on Joe Biden

10 Jun 2021

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What is the Intergovernmental Relations Review?

The Intergovernmental Relations Review (IGR) was published in January 2022. It follows a process of joint review by the UK government and…

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What is a Party Conference?

UK political parties hold their main annual conferences every autumn where politicians, party members and the party’s affiliated groups gather. Party conferences…

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What is the Union Customs Code?

The Union Customs Code (UCC) is the rulebook for managing the external borders of the EU’s customs union. Read this fact to find out more.
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