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Strikes, essential services, and minimum service levels

The UK is seeing record levels of strike action as transport and ambulance workers, nurses, physios, and teachers have taken industrial action….

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The Single Electricity Market in Ireland and Northern Ireland

One of the lesser discussed aspects of the Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland is the provisions it makes, and the effects…

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Gilt yields

This explainer looks at government bonds. It unpacks how they work, the market for gilts, the difference between the gilt yield and…

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‘The Big Con’ and the value of consultancies with Rosie Collington

28 Apr 2023

Brexit and Beyond with Jonathan Portes

06 May 2022

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What is an Autumn Statement? 

An Autumn Statement is an update from the Chancellor to MPs on the government’s taxation and spending plans.
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What is fiscal drag?

Fiscal drag occurs when inflation and earnings rise, but tax thresholds or tax bands do not increase with inflation.
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Is there a right to strike in the UK?

There is no right to strike under UK law. However, under Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights, everyone has…

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