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What is trade?

Trade is the buying and selling of products between countries. These products can be goods, such as food and electrical products, or…

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Trade: how it works today

The way we do trade today is strongly shaped by our membership of the European Union (EU). This will continue until we…

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Trade: options for the future

The UK has to make decisions on two issues in relation to the future of trade: How do we want to trade…

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Isolation Insight: Economics of Covid-19 and Brexit, revisited

22 Jul 2021

Catherine Barnard on BBC’s Panorama: is the UK on track for Brexit success?

06 Jul 2021

The Facts

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Who is the UK negotiating new trade agreements with?

The UK has concluded ‘rollover’ agreements with 36 countries or economic groups – covering 66 countries or territories – which replicate the terms of trade covered by EU agreements.
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What is net migration?

Net migration is the sum of the number of people who move to the UK to live for at least a year…

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What is state aid?

An advantage given by national authorities to economic actors that affects trade between member states can be considered state aid under EU…

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