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Energy prices and supply in the UK

The recent surge in UK energy prices has dominated the headlines, and invited questions about the resilience of the UK’s energy supply….

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The culling of healthy pigs

The first culling of healthy pigs occurred in early October. By mid-October 6,000 pigs had been culled and their bodies sent for…

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Trade: issues to consider

There are many issues that we can consider when looking at trade policy. Different people will care about different issues – there…

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Brexit and Beyond with Jonathan Portes

06 May 2022

Brexit and Beyond: Helen Thompson

11 Feb 2022

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What is a windfall tax?

A windfall tax is levied against companies deemed to have made excessively high profits, or a ‘windfall’, from circumstances they themselves did not engineer. Learn more here.
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What are financial services?

Financial services are the economic services provided by the finance sector to individuals, households and firms in order to facilitate various kinds…

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What is the Confederation of British Industry?

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) is a non-profit organisation which represents the interests of 190,000 business, making it the largest such…

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