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Development banks

Stephen Hunsaker and Peter Jurkovic explain what development banks are, including their key features and functions and role in supporting the transition…

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The European Investment Bank

Stephen Hunsaker and Peter Jurkovic explain what the European Investment Bank is, how it is structured and the role it played in…

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The UK’s border with the EU

The government has confirmed a further delay to post-Brexit border controls on animal and plant products coming from the EU. The UK’s…

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Video & Audio

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Daniel Chandler on rehabilitating liberalism and the political implications of economic inequality

25 Aug 2023

‘The Big Con’ and the value of consultancies with Rosie Collington

28 Apr 2023

The Facts

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What is an Autumn Statement? 

An Autumn Statement is an update from the Chancellor to MPs on the government’s taxation and spending plans.
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What is fiscal drag?

Fiscal drag occurs when inflation and earnings rise, but tax thresholds or tax bands do not increase with inflation.
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Is there a right to strike in the UK?

There is no right to strike under UK law. However, under Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights, everyone has…

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