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The economics of Brexit

Professor Catherine Barnard
Factsheet: a UK-EU trade deal

What is the current situation? The prime minister is committed to securing a ‘deep and special’ partnership…

Dr Alan Renwick
What is trade?

Trade is the buying and selling of products between countries. These products can be goods, such as…

Dr Alan Renwick
Trade: how it works today

The way we do trade today is strongly shaped by our membership of the European Union (EU).…

Dr Alan Renwick
Trade: issues to consider

There are many issues that we can consider when looking at trade policy. Different people will care…

Dr Alan Renwick
Trade: free trade v. protectionism

The Citizens’ Assembly is looking at what kind of trade arrangement the UK should seek with the…

Dr Alan Renwick
Trade: the numbers

Where does the UK do its trade? The charts in this briefing paper given you some numbers…

Dr Alan Renwick
immigration: issues to consider

There are many issues to consider when thinking about policies on immigration and emigration. Different people will…

The initiative will provide an authoritative and independent reference point for those looking for information and insights about UK-EU relations. The views expressed in these explainers are those of the authors and not necessarily those of The UK in a Changing Europe.


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