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Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol

A lot of attention has been placed on Article 16 of the Withdrawal Agreement’s Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland. But what is it,…

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The latest on the UK-EU negotiations

The UK and the EU have been in negotiations on their future relationship since 2 March 2020, but though progress has been…

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What Covid-19 means for the transition period

The UK government has rightly focused its efforts in recent weeks primarily on tackling the Covid-19 outbreak. The same is true of…

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May local elections: what’s at stake?

20 Apr 2021

Comfortable Leavers report launch

19 Apr 2021

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What is net migration?

Net migration is the sum of the number of people who move to the UK to live for at least a year…

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Who is Matt Hancock?

Matt Hancock is the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, having been appointed in July 2018 under Theresa May.
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Who is David Frost?

David Frost is Boris Johnson’s Europe advisor and chief negotiator for the talks on the UK’s future relationship with the EU.
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