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23 Dec 2021

Politics and Society

Test your knowledge of all things EU, UK, EU-UK and more in our Christmas pub quiz! This is the last round of this year’s quiz, and we challenge you to see how many answers you can get right. Today’s round: The Year in Review! Answers will be revealed later today. Good luck and thank you for taking part!

  1. On 4 February, a new head of Downing Street’s Union Unit was appointed. On 17 February, he resigned. What was his name?: Oliver Lewis
  2. What process, which has happened once a decade for over a century apart from in 1941, took place this year?: The census   
  3. In April, a bust up at a meeting of which Cheshire parish council made a national hero of a local government official? And what was her name? ½ point for each: Handforth Parish Council  and Jackie Weaver 
  4. In May, we saw the first Westminster by-election of the year in Hartlepool. By the end of this year, how many by-elections will have been held? For half a point each, name them: Six (HartlepoolAidrie and Shotts, Chesham and AmershamBatley and Spen, Old Bexley and Sidcup, North Shropshire). 
  5. In June, the G7 meeting was held in Carbis Bay, Cornwall. Carrie Johnson hosted a beach BBQ for leaders and their partners – but what meat and seafood combination was cooked on the grill? ½ point each: Moorland sirloin steak and Newlyn lobster  
  6. In July, England reached the final of Euro2020. Name the five players who scored for England in the Euros in normal time in the tournament (so not including penalty shoot outs). ½ point for each: Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, Luke Shaw, Jordan Henderson, Harry Maguire
  7. In August, a phone call needed to be made to the Afghan Foreign Minister to ensure safe passage for Afghan translators who had worked with the British military. While in Crete, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab delegated the phone call. The call never happened, but which Junior Minister was it delegated to?: Lord Zac Goldsmith 
  8. In September, which former party leader said the UK shouldn’t join AUKUS?: Jeremy Corbyn 
  9. On 1 October, the Green Party announced the election of two new joint leaders. Half a point for each: Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay
  10. In November, the UK experienced its closest vote in the House of Commons since the general election, on whether or not to suspend Owen Paterson’s suspension from parliament. How many Conservatives voted against the government’s three-line whip?: 13
  11. In December, who scored the equaliser for Leeds United in the draw against Brentford?: Patrick Bamford 


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