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20 Dec 2021

Test your knowledge of all things EU, UK, EU-UK and more in our Christmas pub quiz! Although there’s no pub and no one to check if you’re cheating (of course you wouldn’t), we’ll be posting questions throughout the week on different subjects related to our research and areas of interest and we challenge you to see how many answers you can get right. Today’s round: EU27! Answers will be posted on Thursday 23 December. Good luck!

  1. Who are the four EU member states in the Visegrad Group? ½ point each: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. 
  2. Audrey Hepburn was born in which EU member state?: Belgium  
  3. Which two EU countries held Presidential elections this year? ½ point each: Portugal, Bulgaria  
  4. Which EU member state has the smallest surface area?: Malta
  5. In 1981, which country joined the EU?: Greece
  6. Which EU member state has won the most Eurovision titles?: Ireland
  7.  Which country is the village of Schengen – after which the Schengen Area is named – located in?: Luxembourg
  8.  In this century, six EU member states have reached the final of a World Cup. Name all six. ½ point each: Croatia, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Italy  
  9. Which three EU countries joined together at the same time in 1995? ½ point each: Finland, Austria, Sweden  
  10. If you landed in Riga, which country would you be in? And, which two EU countries could you reach by only crossing one border? ½ point each + bonus ½ point per non-EU country!: Latvia; Estonia and Lithuania; Russia and Belarus
  11. Which country passed a law to allow offshore asylum processing centres earlier this year?: Denmark
  12. Which country currently holds the EU Council Presidency? Which country holds it next? ½ point each: Slovenia; France
  13. Which country is home to the region associated with Dracula?: Romania
  14. Which EU member state is also the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite?: Cyprus


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