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Catherine Barnard on BBC Radio Tees: budget and freeports

07 Mar 2021

Catherine Barnard on BBC South: freeports, red tape and regulation

03 Mar 2021

Global Britain – navigating the post-Brexit world, with Liz Truss

02 Mar 2021

Unequal Britain: attitudes to inequalities after Covid-19

02 Mar 2021

Paula Surridge on Sky News: has Covid19 significantly shifted people’s attitudes to inequality?

01 Mar 2021

Report launch: UK Regulation after Brexit

01 Mar 2021

Paula Surridge on Sky News: unequal Britain

01 Mar 2021

David Bailey on BBC Radio 4’s Today: car batteries, Brexit and Covid-19

25 Feb 2021

David Bailey on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Wake Up To Money: Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port

25 Feb 2021

Labour’s new economic strategy

24 Feb 2021

Paula Surridge on BBC’s Radio 4: Keir Starmer’s speech

18 Feb 2021

Cambridge Economics Alumni webinar series: The economics of a post-Brexit UK – Meredith Crowley

12 Feb 2021