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Comfortable Leavers report launch

19 Apr 2021

Who are the ‘comfortable’ Leavers and what were their hopes?

19 Apr 2021

Brexit’s economic impact: early evidence and future prospects

30 Mar 2021

Brexit and Beyond podcast with Professor Brigid Laffan

26 Mar 2021

Isolation Insight – Devolution: change, continuity and crisis

25 Mar 2021

Whitehall in Brussels: the UK permanent representation to the EU

18 Mar 2021

Spotlight on Economics: Ask the Experts

12 Mar 2021

Brexit And Beyond podcast with Tim Harford

12 Mar 2021

Tackling inequality after Brexit and Covid-19

11 Mar 2021

The economics of populism

10 Mar 2021

Business after Brexit and Covid-19

09 Mar 2021

Economics of Brexit and Covid-19, revisited

09 Mar 2021