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27 Jan 2023

UKICE (I Tell) – the UK in a Changing Europe podcast returns under a new name

On Friday 27 January, we are launching the new season of ‘UKICE (I Tell)’, the UK in a Changing Europe podcast formerly known as ‘Brexit and Beyond’.

In each monthly episode, we sit down with a new guest and explore their area of expertise; we investigate the key issues and discuss how and why it helps us better understand our society. The podcast was cited by the Guardian in 2022 as one of the best podcasts to understand British politics.

The new name reflects UKICE’s expanded agenda; over our current, third phase of funding, we are bringing our expertise to bear on a wider range of issues including the UK after Brexit, the UK in the world and UK-EU relations. In the upcoming season, we’ll be addressing issues as varied as the future of the UK constitution, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the future of democracy and the role of women in politics.

In the episode released on 27 January, Professor Catherine Barnard and Professor Philippe Sands KC will discuss his book, ‘The Last Colony’, the UK’s role in the world, as well as Russia’s war against Ukraine from the perspective of international law. Listen in on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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