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10 Jun 2015

UK-EU Relations

Our aim is to inject objective research-based evidence into what promises to be a highly charged and emotional debate about the UK’s relationship with the European Union.

We are not campaigners. Our role is not to agitate in favour, or against, a particular outcome.

Rather, we want to make the findings of the best academic research on the EU available to people so they can make up their own minds on the basis of this evidence.

I’m absolutely delighted to launch this site with five wonderful blogs from distinguished academics working on various aspects of the UK-EU relationship.

They’ve written about:

  • British public attitudes towards the EU
  • the political machinations surrounding the EU budget
  • Scotland and Europe after the general election
  • views from England, Scotland and Wales on the EU
  • The benefits of immigration

They’re fascinating reads and provide a great forerunner to the work we will have on our site over the coming weeks, months and years ahead.

We warmly welcome submissions for blogs from academics who are keen to report their research findings to a broader, non-academic audience.

Equally, we are happy to receive any suggestions as to the issues we should cover and are keen to work with as many non-academic groups as possible – be they journalists, business people, politicians, schoolchildren, trade unionists, students or anyone else with an interest in this important issue.

If you have any ideas please do get in touch with us.


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