Making social science accessible

Our working paper series showcases the latest, upcoming academic research findings and analysis from social scientists working on the implications of Brexit across a range of fields from politics and economics, to the environment and migration.

It offers an opportunity to promote new academic research findings to a diverse audience of fellow researchers across the social sciences, policy makers, journalists and commentators.

National Security and Investment Act 2021: an Act freed from the ‘chains’ of the EU?

Christos N. Karetsos

11 Dec 2023

The CER doppelganger index does not provide a credible measure of the impact of Brexit

Dr Graham Gudgin and Dr Saite Lu

21 Jun 2023

Negotiating the future: understanding the absence of a UK-EU agreement on civil justice cooperation in family matters

Dr Cleo Davies

14 Apr 2023

Brexit, trade and UK advanced manufacturing sectors: a Midlands’ perspective


17 Mar 2023

A more cordial entente? UK-France summit goals 2023

Professor Amelia Hadfield

09 Mar 2023

When (EU) migration came to Great Yarmouth

Fiona Costello and Professor Catherine Barnard

06 Mar 2023

The impact of the post-Brexit migration system on the UK labour market

John Springford and Professor Jonathan Portes

17 Jan 2023

Unfinished business? The Trade and Cooperation Agreement

Dr Cleo Davies and Professor Hussein Kassim

09 May 2022

Institutions and governance of the EU-UK relationship

Dr Cleo Davies and Professor Hussein Kassim

09 May 2022

Unravelling deep integration: UK trade in the wake of Brexit


26 Apr 2022

Expecting Brexit

Dr Swati Dhingra and Dr Thomas Sampson

25 Jan 2022

Brexit and service trade

Jun Du and Oleksandr Shepotylo

30 Nov 2021

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